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10:00. we are following several developing stories at 10:00. tragedy on the beltway, a man working on a flat tire is killed after a horrific chain reaction. we're also watching the weather, a super soaker headed our way, in fact most of the region will soon be under a flood watch. a live look at the ce shuttle in florida where nasty weather could ruin the final flight just hours from now. but we begin with that deadly crash on the beltway. i'm melanie alnwick. >> i'm laura evans. shawn and brian are off tonight. fox 5's stacey cohan is live near the scene with the latest. what do you know- >> reporter: there were three cars altogether involved in the accident. one pulled over on the side of the highway.
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we have video. this happened around 6:00. it was a cadillac carrying two people, pulled over on the side of the highway for a flat tire. marriage contacted some friends who arrived a -- they apparently contacted some friends who arrived a short time later, a couple and two children driving a toyota highlander suv. at some point a third vehicle swerved off the road and ran smack into the back of the suv. >> my understanding is that the cadillac initially had two occupants, male and female, and they had the flat tire and called their friends who arrived at the scene. the male passenger of cadillac had gotten out to start the tire change when he was struck and killed. >> reporter: the third vehicle actually sposhed the suv on top of that -- pushed the suv on top of that man who had gotten out to change the tire. some of the children and adults were transported to local hospitals, no word on their condition. no charges are pending at this
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time. they're certainly evaluating if alcohol or speed is a factor. if your vehicle is disabled in any way, flat tire, car trouble, pull over to the side of the road as far off the roadway as you can get. remain strapped in your vehicle, seatbelted in and contact pound 77 to reach state police. reporting live i'm stacey cohan. melanie, back to you. fox 5 storm force following stormy weather heading our way. a flood watch for tomorrow has already been issued. gary mcgrady is following this one from the weather center tonight. >> we still have some thunderstorms out there tonight, too melanie. it dent definitely looks like tomorrow's forecast will be wet -- it definitely looks like tomorrow's forecast will be wet starting really tomorrow afternoon when the flood watch will be in effect. we'll start tonight with radar and show you what's moving in and continuing with us right now. over to radar we go, give you an idea what it looks like out there. we had several storms earlier up to the north of us today and most of that stayed to the
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north, but just in the last little while or so we've been getting some fairly significant thunderstorms firing up. i can see right now just in the last minute we have a thunderstorm warning in effect for montgomery county. let me check the time on that really quick. that's running until 10:30 p.m. with the montgomery county warning. you can see the storm there coming into western sections of montgomery county. it's just to the east of leesburg. we'll even get tight other that for you just to the west of 270 there. gaithersburg, darnstown will be affected and they've been drifting to the east tonight producing very heavy rain and no doubt what we're getting out of that severe storm is a little hail and very high winds too. that's probably what prompted the warning. over to true view to show you that we, of course, have the thunderstorm warning in effect for montgomery county running until 10:15 p.m. we also have a flash flood warning in effect for howard
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county until 11:15 and anne arundel county until 11:15. those were some prior heavy thunderstorms that moved through there with a lot of rain and we're concerned about the rain potential for tomorrow as well. that's why again this flash flood watch has been issued. it technically is for tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night, looks like we'll have some very heavy storms setting up that's going to produce a lot of rain, more details coming up in your full forecast in a bit. now to another developing story we are following tonight, the weather in florida may turn out to be the big spoiler tomorrow for those of you who are eager to watch the final launch of the space shuttle. nasa forecaster are keeping an eye on thunderstorms now threatening tomorrow morning's scheduled liftoff which is supposed to happen just before 11:30 a.m. fox 5's bob barnard is live in the newsroom. >> it's destined to be nasa's final spaceflight manned or otherwise for some time and tonight former astronaut and space buffs of all ages are
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gathering along the east coast of central florida crossing their fingers hoping the skies clear for an all systems go. >> reporter: the space shuttle atlantis in the rain late today at kennedy space center, weather clearly a worry. this bolt of lightning striking 1/3-mile from the launch pad. >> the launch, our main concern is still having showers and thunderstorms in the area. so we thought we do have a 70% chance of weather prohibiting launch. >> reporter: the atlantis crew, mission specialist sandy mag necessary and rex walhe -- magness and rex walheim head to the international space station for a 12-day station, the program's last. >> the decision to retire the space shuttle was made a long time ago and nasa didn't get the allocation of funds to develop a new one. >> reporter: veteran astronaut katie coleman has flown twice on the space shuttle and just came home from the international space station, the greet achievement they says of -- great achievement she says of the past 30 years.
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>> we use our time to do the things that can't be done from the ground and to do experiments and interesting endeavors to try to understand how people can be living and working in space so that we can take those experiences and go further. >> reporter: florida officials say a million people are gathering along the space coast tonight. tampa's valerie bowie will be with friends. >> i get here early and stake our claim to this particular spot. then i feel i can get the best pictures. >> reporter: nasa plans to continue its ambitious launch schedule august 3rd. as a reporter working in florida 16 years ago, i covered a few shuttle launches, this one discovery on july 13th, 1995. what a gut wrenching day it's been here at the kennedy space center. eight years later i reported on the loss of columbia for fox 5 news. now as the clock ticks toward this historic last flight of the space shuttle, the atlantis flight director says his mind rests squarely on this mission. >> the thing that keeps me up at night literally is wondering
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what we've missed. i don't think we've missed anything. >> reporter: but there is no time to reminisce if you're the ones responsible for the safety of the orbiter atlantis. they're live on the kennedy space center launch pad and her four-person crew. >> i have to ask you bob, what's next for nasa in terms of spaceflights that are manned? >> what they have is a program called orion one day hoping to send astronauts to explore a near either earth astroid, the moon again and ultimately mars, but the next generation rocket to launch that spaceship is still in the planning stages, all the more reason to savor this final space shuttle flight. >> it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow morning. thank you. and another big story we are following tonight, a break in an arson investigation, a d.c. man under arrest charged with setting a series of fires in northeast and at least one of them ended with five firefighter seriously hurt. police say this same suspect
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could be behind several more cases. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: inside this house on 48th place northeast not far from where maurice dews was living with friend a witness says he saw 26-year-old use a lighter to set the house on fire this past tuesday. after being taken into custody investigators say maurice dews confessed to setting the two fires on 48th place, one on grant street northeast and two others on hayes street. according to the court affidavit, he's a suspect in a series of arsons in maryland as well. >> this impacts everyone, our insurance costs, our safety, our lifestyle in the district and when one individual for sport decides to start burning places to get a reaction, it's a good reaction by law enforcement to put handcuffs on him. >> reporter: dews described by some residents in the area as homeless has been staying with friends at this house on 50th street. sierra johnson who lives here
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says dews had a job at a papa john's in northwest. >> i don't know. i just think someone who goes around setting fires, i'm just kind of glad he's not here because he could -- i'm glad he's not staying. next thing you know we could wake up and our house is on fire. you can't trust someone like that. >> reporter: at the fire on 48th place in april five firefighters were briefly trapped when a sudden flashover engulfed them in flames. >> it went from tenable to untenable to the only thing that i saw was the gates of hell. that was it. >> reporter: the court affidavit said dews admitted to setting this fire on hayes street last month where a firefighter was also injured. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> maurice dews has been charged with setting three fires and is a suspect in six others, two in d.c., four in maryland. there's no motive in the affidavit. casey anthony will be released from jail next wednesday. the florida mom was acquitted of killing her daughter caylee but was convicted on four
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counts of lying to investigators. fox's jessica stone shows us what happened at today's sentencing. >> reporter: as crowds gathered outside the courtroom, extra security surrounded the orange county courthouse, the anticipation building to watch casey anthony be sentenced on four counts of lying to police after being acquitted of her daughter's murder. inside the courtroom the defense argued those four counts constitute a violation of double jeopardy rules. >> this requires a court to look to whether there was a separation of time, place or circumstances between the crimes because those factors are objective criteria utilized to determine whether there are distinct and independent criminal acts or whether there's one continuous criminal act with a single criminal intent. >> reporter: the judge didn't buy it. >> just as the jury spoke loud and clear on counts 1, 2 and 3 by their verdict they also spoke loud and clear as to the remaining counts. >> reporter: judge belvin perry
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sentencing casey anthony to the maximum one year for each count of lying to law enforcement but giving her credit for the nearly three years she's already served in jail. >> imposing a $1,000 fine on each count, all four counts to run consecutive to each other. >> reporter: casey anthony will not go free today returning instead to jail. her parents who haven't spoken to her since she was acquitted of murder returning to a home surrounded by increased security after getting death threats. >> this case has destroyed their lives, so they need to as you can imagine, just starting out they have to just start out all over again. >> reporter: as for casey anthony, she goes free wednesday, july 13th, paying just $4600 in court costs. jessica stone, fox news. more trouble for the metro, two dulles projects, we have the eye popping warning issued today plus metro unveiling the
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design for the newest railcars, how the agency says these are going to make you calmer. murder victims, soldiers killed in battle, some of the best known celebrities in world all allegedly targeted by a british tabloid. tonight the scandal has a shocking twist.
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metro's board is weighing in over the controversy on the dulles corridor rail project. phase two of the project which extends to the airport has been mired in a fight over where to locate the airport rail station and run away costs. fox 5's sherri ly has the story. >> reporter: the rising costs of metro's dulles rail line and the controversy over whether to put the airport station above or below ground could be a deal killer. >> what's become clear in recent weeks is that the agreements between the airport's authority and the jurisdictions has begun to unravel in a way that could be fatal to the project. >> reporter: federal transit administrator peter rogoff briefed metro's board about transportation secretary ray
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lahood's compromise plan to bring the cost down from $3.8 billion to the original 2.5 billion. >> i would hope that the region would come together with a solution that could be built. >> reporter: under the plan the cost of parking garages would be passed on to fairfax and how town counties. metro would reduce -- loudoun counties. metro would reduce the size of its railyard while the dulles rail station would go above ground saving more than half a billion dollars. >> i understand that there's economic realities, but i think we're getting a second class product. >> with respect to the airport service, i think this service as configured with the aerial will be competitive with rail access to most airports. >> reporter: virginia congressman gerry connolly sent a letter to secretary lahood requesting the commonwealth be urged to put its contribution on the table before we meet again. >> the commonwealth of virginia has yet to put anything on the table. in fact, it's the only party to the talks that has put zero on
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the table. >> reporter: the fta administrator told metro's board virginia agreed to contribute $150 million to the rail project, but a spokesperson for governor bob mcton would only say the administration is work -- mcdonnell would only say the administration is working with secretary lahood to get close to the 2.5 billion estimate as this and other options are being considered. >> i think this is our best shot to keep rail moving out to fairfax and loudoun. >> reporter: whatever decisions are made it will eventually be metro's responsibility, sherri ly fox 5 news. >> the transit administrator told metro's board it's important not to let perfect be the enemy of the good. in other words, some of the options may not be perfect, but it's still okay. we are monitoring metro's escalator issues. the transit agency announced today it has hired more mechanics and is replacing aging escalators and has also started a pilot program at nine stations to monitor and respond to elevate and escalator outages in realtime. today we got a sneak peek
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at metro's new 7,000 series railcars, the final design coming from rider input trying to make the ride more comfortable. the cars will have a blue gray interior, wider eyes and security cameras due to open -- wider aisles and security cams due to open in 2013. if you see something to report, take a picture or video and send it to us. the clock is ticking on capitol hill tonight. if congress does not reach a deal soon to raise the nation's debt ceiling, the government could find itself unable to pay bills. at the white house today major players are to both sides of the political aisle met face to face to hammer out a deal. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: with time running out until the government hits its debt ceiling pr obama's update thursday did little to raise the roof on expectations that a deal would be done soon. >> people were frank. we discussed the various
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options available to us. >> reporter: but for the first time the administration is reportedly putting social security cuts on the bargaining table. any cuts to social security would hinge on republicans agreeing to end tax breaks for the wealthy and some corporations. >> i want to emphasize that nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to and the parties are still far apart on a wide range of issues, but again i thought that all the leaders here came in a spirit of compromise. >> reporter: the u.s. will reach its $14.3 trillion debt ceiling august 2nd. if not raised the government could default on its loans and be unable to pay its bills. both sides have been stalled on a plan for $2 trillion in cuts, but the new deal would be $4 trillion. >> we're going to insist if we're going to vote for the debt ceiling increase to make sure that the cuts we achieve exceed the amount of the debt
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ceiling increase. >> reporter: at points in these negotiations republicans have walked out after they said the democrats refused to budge. the economic analysts say the stakes are too high now for a deal not to get done. >> the reality is there's a big divide between the two parties here. they see the role of government fundamentallally differently and that's not something you -- fundamentally differently and that's not something you can sort of split the difference on. >> reporter: the plan now? white house congressional leaders will talk with the main players returning to the white house sunday to spell out what the president said are both side's bottom lines. >> wtop political analyst mark plotkin joins us now to break this down more and help us understand what's going on. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> we heard the president say both sides are still far apart. speaker boehner tonight said the odds of reaching a deal are maybe 50/50. first let me ask what happens if they don't reach a deal? how does this affect us? >> the greatest fear is that there will be contagion which
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is a fancy word for saying that the whole economic underping, the trust in the government paying its -- underpinning, the trust that the government can pay its bills will start unraveling and the dollar worth decreases, the stock market falls and the entire economic tentacles or economic foundation just becomes almost evaporated. >> so it affects us right in the pocketbook. >> that's the greatest fear is that your stock holdings, property values and the worth of the dollar as the strongest currency in the world all of a sudden becomes not very worthwhile. >> so president obama indicated today that he is willing to reform social security which is a subject on which a lot of his fellow democrats are going to the mat. so this is clearly not a popular decision. >> no. and he has tried to warn
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everybody that the dynamic is that there has to be shared sacrifice and that pain will come to both parties and they're going to run right up to the deadline. what tom's excellent report did not say is that the government and administration really feels that they have to do something by july 22nd, not by august 2nd, because they have to write the actual legislation. i still think, though, everybody denies it that bill clinton and mitch mcconnell's idea that maybe you get a short term agreement, even though they're saying you don't and then it gives them some more time and then all this laura, is psychological. >> it this a game of chicken? >> well, both parties are playing chicken. look what they did with the government shutdown. not to say that plotkin is prophetic. it has a certain ring to it but that's nothing compared to raising the debt ceiling and that's exactly now what we're up against.
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we'll find out if boehner can hold his troops and you saw nancy pelosi, minority leader, talking about cuts that she's displeased with that the president is drawing. so in the end the party leaders have to hold their troops and say look you're the incumbents. do you want to be a saled and do you want your career -- assailed and do you want your career to be in jeopardy because you were on the watch when the government unraveled and wasn't able to pay its bills. >> i think the american public is getting really sick of these games here in washington. mark plotkin, as always, thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you. a last minute white house push and a supreme court decision, but it wasn't enough to spare an accused killer his life. plus more trouble in the district. the council is now under federal criminal investigation.
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a developing story in
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texas, mexican national humberto leal was executed tonight for brutally raping and killing a 16-year-old girl. it wasn't until after his sentencing that leal learned he was entitled to legal advice from the mexican council late through a 1963u.n. treaty. the obama administration fears the execution could do irreparable damage to u.s./mexico relations. attorneys are fighting over who should be involved in the case of the former head at the imf. domonique strauss-kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a manhattan hotel housekeeper. the defense attorney wants the prosecutor to withdraw and appoint a special prosecutor instead. the housekeeper's lawyer believes the prosecutor leaked information about lies the woman told about her background and finances to discredit her. the prosecutor says he has no intentions of recusing himself. it has been in print more than a century, but tonight the biggest scandal to hit this british tabloid will take it
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down. we'll have details next.
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one of europe's most popular newspapers stopping the presses for good this weekend shutting down after a phone hacking scandal. the tabloid is owned by our parent company news corp. fox's amy kellogg has the story. >> reporter: the newspaper at the center of the storm will roll off the presses one last time this sunday and the profits will go to good causes according to james murdoch who runs the international side of the media group. the tabloid news of the world at one time had been the best selling english language paper in the world, until very recently the top sunday paper in britain. >> i feel regret. clearly practices of certain individuals did not live up to the standards and quality of journalism that we believe in, that i believe in and that this company believes in which. >> reporter: at issue, a long
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running phone hacking scandal in which the victims had been largely celebrities but there was outrage when allegations emerged the paper hacked the phones of a school girl who had been abducted and was ultimately killed and victims of the terror attacks on london transport which happened six years ago today. prime minister david cameron who is former press secretary caught in the hacking scandal called for an inquiry. >> what this government is doing is making sure that the fact the public and i feel so appalled by what has happened, murder victims, terrorist victims who had their phones hacked is quite disgraceful. that is why it's important there is a full police investigation with all the powers that they need. >> reporter: there are also allegations that news of the world paid police for information. news corporation chairman and ceo rupert murdoch would not give comments to reporters who pursued him at a conference in idaho, but he issued a statement yesterday calling the allegations of phone hacking and payments to police
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"deplorable and unacceptable" and vowed the company will cooperate with the investigation. scotland yard said it has a list of 4,000 potential victims of phone hacking. they are fresh allegations that family members of war dead may have been among the targets. james murdoch in an earlier statement today said news of the world as a business is holding others to account, but it failed when it came to itself. amy kellogg, fox news. it's official. the u.s. attorney's office is looking into the possibility of criminal conduct involving three top officials in the district. the latest case involves council chairman kwame brown. fox 5's john henrehan brings us up to date on the story. >> reporter: kwame brown spent much of the day chairing a committee of the whole meeting of the d.c. council. his attorney spent the morning at the city's board of elections and ethics. the issue for kwame brown is not the expensive leases for luxury suvs. it's campaign activities for his city council race in 2008.
10:34 pm
william sanford, general council for the city's office of campaign finance, alleged kwame brown's campaign committee failed to list all its donors and expenditures, the amounts big sums. here's one example. >> by failing to timely report expenditures totaling $169,439.49 in the total sum of expenditures made by the committee. >> reporter: kwame brown's attorney asked the board to take no action but simply refer the whole matter to federal prosecutors. >> while we do not agree, concede those allegations as being true, it's our position that as a matter of efficiency and expedition this process is best served if this matter is referred to the office of the united states attorney. >> reporter: the chairman of the board of elections and
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ethics toga west wanted to know if the u.s. attorney has begun a probe of kwame brown's campaign finance records. the short answer, yes. >> they visited our office and they have actually taken records related to this matter for whatever purposes. >> reporter: so the u.s. attorney's office is conducting three separate probes of d.c. politicians. council chairman kwame brown, council member harry thomas jr., financial improprieties and mayor vincent gray, election improprieties. all three men have denied wrongdoing, no word when the investigations will be concluded. john henrehan, fox 5 news. in virginia falls church city police are investigating a business accused of selling k2. a search warrant was served at ther rot tay tobacco shop. -- at the erotica tobacco shop.
10:36 pm
it is illegal to distributor sell synthetic pot in falls church virginia. >> we have had overdoses and possible overdoses of adults and juveniles inhaling and ingesting this substance. it's very dangerous. so for public safety and health, the reason that we did the search warrant was because we knew that this tobacco shop was selling the substance. the tobacco shop is in close proximity to a high school. >> no arrests were made during the seizure, but the investigation continues. thinking about taking in a theme park this summer? you could be in for sticker shock, but no worries. fox 5 has you covered, hips how to plan a great tip without -- tips how to plan a great tip without breaking the bank coming up.
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this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live live heroically.
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want to give you an update on breaking news that just came into the fox 5 newsroom. casey anthony, the florida mom acquitted of killing her daughter caylee, was sentenced today, was supposed to be released from jail next wednesday. however, we have just gotten breaking news the associated brett reporting authorities in florida announce -- press reporting authorities in florida announced casey anthony will be released july 17th, a week from sunday. again, she was acquitted of killing her daughter caylee but was convicted on for counts of lying to investigators. casey anthony has been behind bars for three years now expected to be released this coming wednesday, but again we are just getting word authorities in florida announced she will be released instead july 17th, a week from this coming sunday. 16 students from d.c. are
10:41 pm
in florida tonight, guests of nasa to watch the final shuttle launch. the kid represent several d.c. schools and all of -- the kids represent several d.c. schools and all of them were involved in a science and engineering test that nasa sponsored. all the kids were on a team that won its division of the contest and all the kids realize they're getting a chance to watch history. >> when i was at home, i was talking to my mom. she was like this is a great opportunity. not a lot of people get to do something like that and i was thinking on the way here that yeah, that's true. >> the students and their four adult chaperones left reagan national this morning. they plan to come home after the launch which you can see here on fox 5. it may be the end of the shuttle program, but nasa is ramping up to a new goal to, get to mars. as fox news correspondent chris gutierrez shows us, the plan is to hitchhike an astroid to the red planet. >> reporter: this is the future of the space program. nasa calls it the orion and it's designed to be much
10:42 pm
smaller, cheaper and safer than the space shuttle. developed by lockheed martin it looks like the capsules of the old apollo missions but equipped with state of the art life support, propulsion and special thermal protection. the goal of orion, fly it with astronauts on board, first to the moon then anoased any and eventually on to mars. >> -- then an astroid and event wally to mars. >> it's well within the capability to also go to the space station and dock and stay there. >> reporter: nasa plans to launch the capsule into space by 2013 and put astronauts on board three years later. while the agency hopes to send astronauts to an astroid by 2025, the big excitement may be around 2030 if the owe ryan oncan successfully -- if the orion can successfully carry astronauts. since the spaceflight will be cramped on a several month journey through space, engineers will attach other modules to give them living
10:43 pm
space similar to that which they enjoy on the international space station. a powerful new rocket will also need to be built to blast the spaceship into orbit. >> this team is passionate about what they do. i've never worked for a group of people more dedicated to what they do than owe ryan on. >> reporter: nasa -- than owe ryan on. >> reporter: nation -- orion. >> reporter: nasa is aiming for the next mission to go to the moon, the entire project upward of $10 million. hundreds of women stalked, someone breaking into their homes secretly videotaping them undressing, the disturbing details just coming to light. plus just how effective are the cell phone driving bans? why some are calling for even tougher laws at 11:00.
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it's the happiest place on earth but disney world can also be one of the most expensive. parents have to pay dearly for
10:47 pm
a day at the magic kingdom, but there are ways to save money, even hundreds of dollars on a trip. we'll hear the strategies for saving on a visit to disney. >> reporter: dancing, smiling, giggling, making memories. >> i want to get on the tea cup. >> reporter: kennedy ellis' dream comes true with each and every spin. >> that's what she talks about all the time, disney, disney. >> it's my favorite place. >> reporter: why? >> because i get to see mickey and the princesses and it's so fun. >> reporter: disney surely serves up a memorable day for thousands of little ones and an equally unforgettable day for the family budget. >> we have four kids. so it will be expensive no matter what. >> reporter: exactly how much for the williams family vacation? >> we're just staying for three days. we'll probably spend $2,500 or 3,000. >> reporter: ouch. so they save all year, as do the watsons. >> i think it was around 2,000.
10:48 pm
that was with everything. it wasn't too bad when you plan for it. >> reporter: others tour the magic kingdom thanks to uncle sam. >> taxes. >> reporter: refund? >> yes. >> reporter: expensive all around. the new unofficial guide to disney figures a day at the magic kingdom costs a family of four close to $600. today's average worker makes 10.29 an hour needing a week of pay plus overtime for just one day at disney. so we're hunting for savings. right now a single visit park ticket is $87. most people buy tickets individually. it's smarter to bundle them. when you do, each visit works out to as little as $30. >> the longer you stay and the more you play, the less that per day cost gets. it's just a great value. >> reporter: even if you're only visiting mickey one day, look for auto club, military or group discounts and always in advance. recently aaa ran specials including free food for the
10:49 pm
kids and you might even find a deal where you least expect it. check out my receipt from lunch. i got a 10% off coupon good for the gift shop. >> what kind of ears? >> minnie's ears. >> reporter: on ears alone a surprise coupon puts a dollar back in mommy's pocket, but the coupons are only good one time. so buy souvenirs all at once, maximizing the discount. food will bite you. if you know you're going to eat at disney consider the dining plan. when visitors prepay meals, they save as much as 30%. >> i do the meal plan. >> reporter: better yet pinch pennies packing your own snacks. disney allows it. how much you saving there? >> probably at least like $70 between drinks and just ice cream and popcorn. >> reporter: another cost cutting strategy is where you stay. if you can book a disney hotel for the same price as another, you'll avoid this and the $14 per park parking fee.
10:50 pm
why? disney hotel guests are driven from park to park. >> that works nice. you don't have to get in your van and drive around and get lost. get on the bus and go. >> reporter: with staying at a disney holt you also get extra hours with mick -- hotel you also get extra hours with mickey. you're not saving money, but you're gaining valuable time. >> everything is nice and clean. it seems worth it. >> reporter: despite the high cost parents say that's what it's all about, unforgettable time with the kids. >> memories for a lifetime. >> reporter: back at the tea couple little kennedy has a message. >> thank you mommy. >> reporter: magic, priceless. >> well, certainly felt like a little bit of florida weather out here today. >> a little steamy and big thunderstorms tonight and if you haven't gotten wet yet, chances are you may or ust hear it out there because there's another line forming back out to the west. so far dry here in the city.
10:51 pm
that may change before the night is out. we had a lot of little scattered thunderstorms to the north of us, but again as we can see on radar picture right now, you look back out to the west and from hagerstown basically right down 81 just a little west into frederick county west of winchester, this is an actual broken line forming and it's drifting to the east and northeast. if this stays together the next few hours, it can drift right across and bring some rain. the green shaded counties you see here are all under active flash flood warnings. so these thunderstorms are producing some very heavy rain. that's howard county, anne arundel county. those warnings run until 11:15. we have a couple new warnings, too frederick county back here which is really just for western sections of frederick county, virginia, i should say so that you know it's not frederick county, maryland. that may change, though, before the night is out, very heavy rain there. that flash flood warning runs
10:52 pm
until 1:30 a.m. and we'll reevaluate. very slow moving thunderstorms dropping a lot of rain. they are going to be the loud variety with a lot of lightning and very loud thunder because these are tropically rich and those produce a lot of lightning and very loud thunder. let me show you the temperatures, 82 degrees in the city, a lot of moisture, humidity for these thunderstorms to feed off of and that won't change much over the next 24 to 36 hours. back in the central plains i take you to missouri and over to illinois, this little cluster of thunderstorms very important because this is being produced by an upper level wave of low pressure and it's moving in our direction. as that gets here tomorrow, it's going to increase our chances for more heavy rain and thunderstorms. tonight we're right along a stalled out frontal boundary. that's helping lift these into the air. this won't go anywhere. combine the boundary tomorrow with the upper level energy, showers and thunderstorms will be breaking out all over the place and there is a chance of
10:53 pm
some of those being severe. we do know they'll have very, very heavy rain. the flash flood watch for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening already issued for just about everybody and that may be expanded. how much rain before this is all said and done? well, let me show you the bull's eye. the thinking of the bull's eye is just south of the metro area now in the red where we could see as much as 2 inches of rain. farther east you go i think we could be talking more like 2 to 3 inches of rain and localized more than that before this is all out of here early saturday morning. so i know we're dry, but we do have a good chance of picking up some good rain over the next 24 to 36 hours. evening shower or thunderstorm, those are dying down now, but some may linger into overnight. a rumble of thunder and lightning and heavy rain probably lasts on and off pretty much all night long. tomorrow showers, stormy, too a few lingering showers in the morning. a couple dry hours late morning early afternoon and then the showers and
10:54 pm
thunderstorms will break right back out late in the afternoon and it stays with us tomorrow evening, tomorrow night and at least a few showers i think possible still saturday morning before we break into sunshine. mostly dry and sunny on sunday, and monday and tuesday warming back up again. hollywood may be full of celebrities, but it's true royalty that's about to roll into tinseltown. we are taking you behind the scenes of will and kate's big trip next. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep and chrysler dealers.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
l.a. is getting ready to host a couple with a ton of star power even though neither of them has ever been a performer. the duke and duchess of cambridge are about to arrive. prince william and kate
10:58 pm
middleton are wrapping up their tour of canada and then heading to hollywood. fox's adam housley has more on their visit. >> reporter: it's the hottest ticket in tinseltown, the black tie brits to watch dinner honoring prince william and kate is being hosted by so you think you can dance judge nigel lythgoe. >> i've been turning away a lot of good friends in actual fact because it isn't -- you know, you can't buy tickets. it is by invitation only and it's really difficult because everybody is saying to me well, you've known me for many years and i should there be and you go i'm sorry, i can't invite you. >> to have and to hold from this day forward. >> reporter: captivating the world with their april wedding the two make their first official north american visit and nigel knows why the spotlight is so intense. >> they are now the couple of the world. everybody wants to meet them. everybody wants to congratulate them and they're a wonderful
10:59 pm
magnet for all of the hollywood executives that are coming to the evening. it is stressful planning it. i mean it's been planned now. i guess i heard about it the end of last year. so i've been biting my tongue because obviously we couldn't release anything to anybody and just quietly planning it undercover, if you like. >> you've got fabulous feet! >> reporter: as a dance judge, douglas producing the hit fox show and the edition season 11 of american idol the holiday weekend continues once the wedding started. >> i think the royal wedding came at a time where we needed something in all our lives that just brightened us up you know, the economic crisis that hit the world. it sort of brought everybody down and there's nothing better than a royal wedding to lift us up. that's what we got, a beautiful wedding it was, too. so we're excited. >> reporter: in hollywood adam housley, fox news.

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